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Since 1993, I have been performing the following repairs;


  • Speaker reconing

  • Powered speaker repair

  • Guitar and bass tube or solid-state amp repair

  • Keyboard repairs

  • Keyboard cleaning and general service

  • Key replacement

  • PCB repair/replacement

  • Audio system setup, maintenance, and consulting

  • Analog and digital mixer service, setup, and consulting

  • Wireless system setup, maintenance, and consulting

  • Also wireless lav/head mic repairs

  • Fretted instrument service; electronics, fretwork, and setup

  • Teaching audio for anyone that will listen

HX3.4 Expander

Authorized Brand Repairs 

In Alphabetical Order

Crumar has been making excellent keyboards that look and sound wonderful. They have been a terrific company to work for and repair their equipment.

Keyboard Partner

Maker of the HX3, I have been performing repairs on this famous piece of equipment, and I can repair yours.

Viscount Instruments

Viscount makes organs that are superb and the company had been great to work with. And my work can repair your organ to make it sound as superb as the day you got it.

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